The PicBot Pro

What Makes the Pic Bot Photo Booth So Awesome?

Our modern photo booths are ridiculously good looking , open-air, and gets the crowd into the action.

Not for the shy, this open-style photo station has no enclosure to hide behind — Your guests can see what’s going on and – trust me, they’ll start to encourage, applaud, and even “one-up” each other.

Your guests become the entertainment as the laughs continue throughout the event. The Pic Bot Photo Booth Rentals give you more room to move and prints professional quality photos on-site

PicBot Pro Photo Booth

Looking Good!

"Wow! These photos look awesome!" - We take pride in the quality of our photos. We were photographers long before we became photo-boother's. The quality of our camera's, lights, and experience will definitely impress you. See for yourself in our Photo Booth Examples Gallery.

All Night Long

For your entire photo booth rental, you can use it as much as you like. Want a photo with your partner? No problem. Want a photo with that waiter serving your table? Go for it. Partner AND the waiter? Why not?! It’s your booth, use it all you like.

After each session, you could have the option to share your works of art digitally, or receive an immediate print that you can stick on your refrigerator or your forehead - whatever - we don't judge

Make It Yours

Customize the heck out of your photo booth rental! We'll help you with photo strip designs, super fun backdrops and awesome props. But don’t let us hold you back…

If you’re the designy / I -saw-it-on-Pinterest type of person, or you’re working with a stylist, then go totally nuts… let’s all work together to create something fully amazing and completely you.

Options and Add-Ons

Think Inside the Box

Photo Booth Enclosure

What's that? You don't feel like showing off your photo booth skills? No problem, just add on our Booth Enclosure option to separate your antics from the crowd. What happens in the booth, stays in the booth....... and on the slideshows...... and on the photo-strips...... and in the retold stories.... Okay, so maybe it doesn't stay in the booth.

Green with Envy

Green Screen Photo Booth

Transform your background at the touch of a button! Option a Green Screen with your photo booth rental and you and your guests can add scenic islands, dinosaurs, your cousin Bill who couldn't attend, even a scene from a movie. Need it theme specific? We can do that too.

What's Your Background?

Photo Booth Backdrop Virginia Beach

We have a rainbow of standard backdrops for you to choose from but if you have some ideas that you would like to use ….no problem, we can design a custom backdrop specific to your theme or event (additional charges apply)

Master of Disguise

Virginia Photo Booth Props

You love 'em! We've got 'em. We have an awesome array of photo booth props for you to have fun with and are included with The PicBot Pro. We'd even love to create custom props and signs specific for you event! (Charges may apply).

Ready to Have Some Fun?

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